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  • Age:Adult
  • Gender:Unisex

Key Features

Golf Training System offers you:

1. A useful training system for a professional golf player.

2. Play front and back course anytime you like.

3. Enjoy the indoor GOLF facility with your friends.

4. The accurate figures of your shots.

5. Correct the shots learning by doing in the GOLF room.

6. Decorating the GOLF room according your requirements.

Golf Training System can be set up at:


- GOLF Training center.

- Leisure center in Hotel, Amuse park, Vila etc.

- Home.


Golf Training System was designed and produced in Taiwan, the system uses a Super High Speed Camera to capture the ball movement and gives you the accurate results on the projection screen with the help of the system of GOLF software, Modular design of hardware also helps the after service,


-        Cage of golf training area.

-        Super High Speed Cameras.

-        Double video frequency camera.

-        50 Golf Courses, up to 120 as option.


-        Working Day: Estimated one day.

-        The space to set up a Golf Training System:

         To get a full swing, you require a room with dimensions as follows:

         - Width 4.5 Meter

         - Height 3 Meter

         - Length 6 Meter A room with area of 325 sq ft at least will be precise to install our system.

Warranty: Golf Training System comes with a 1 Year limited warranty on a system software, camera, light box and cage.


Maintenance of the Golf Training System. We can remotely access the equipment through internet to diagnose and can take necessary actions.

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  • Minimum Order:1


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