Golf Training System
Golf Training System In Leisure Center
Cargo in Port Terminal Warehouse
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Golf Training System
Golf Training System

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FORTUNES & PRODUCTS CO., LTD. (FAPCOL) founded in 2013, and focus on Product Design, Import/Export Trade and transportation. FAPCOL office located at Kaohsiung port pier#75 and is providing you with an all-inclusive service of both Product and Transportation. FAPCOL team constitutes the members of carrier, forwarder, customs broker, trader and sea/air terminals, and our services:
1. Product design
2. Local agent for Import/Export shipments
3. Wholesale
4. Sea, air and courier shipment related business:
- Customs clearance for import and export shipments.
- Door to door service.
- Document handling.
5. Sea/air terminals related business:
- Customs inspection.
- Cargo checking.
- Other special tasks in sea/air terminal.


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